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Mystic Descent
Created By: veritas681 | Category: Artistic | Date Added: 30th March 2010
This is a pretty clean layout. The background is a fractal I pulled off deviantART. I color-schemed the fonts in blues and purples to match the background. The fonts used include Georgia, Trebuchet MS, and Lucida Console. Opacity is set to 70%. (If you find the brighter parts of the background interfering with your profile, I suggest tweaking the code to 80%.) Picture links invert colors. Text links are the same color as the body text until hovered, and then they highlight to the blue used in the header texts. The mouse cursor is a crosshair by default. When it's hovering on a link, it turns to "move." This layout views best in a 1280x1064 resolution or lower.


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