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Created By: breonnah_09 | Category: Tweaked Default | Date Added: 24th July 2009
This layout was designed by me using the codes on this site. The music player is hidden, it doesn't show the contact box, details and etc. Just remember, you can change the color codes. Be sure to Replace the XXXXXXX with your profile code number, or it won't show your profile views. Do what you want with the layout if you want. It looks better than the example.

My MySpace is: if it ever asks last name or e-mail, Spence &


  1. Use the form below to post the code to your MySpace profile.
  2. Alternatively, you can copy the code by clicking on it and manually pasting it into your profile.
Note: If you already have other codes on your profile they may interfere with this code. If you have any problems then please try removing old codes first.

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