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Mystic Descent
Category: Artistic | Added: 30th March 2010
This is a pretty clean layout. The background is a fractal I pulled off deviantART. I color-schemed the fonts in blues and purples to match the background. The fonts used include Georgia, Trebuchet MS, and Lucida Console. Opacity is set to 70%. (If you find the brighter parts of the background interfering with your profile, I suggest tweaking the code to 80%.) Picture links invert colors. Text links are the same color as the body text until hovered, and then they highlight to the blue used in the header texts. The mouse cursor is a crosshair by default. When it's hovering on a link, it turns to "move." This layout views best in a 1280x1064 resolution or lower.

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Deco Flare
Category: Artistic | Added: 24th June 2009
The layout features a fractal I found on deviantART. The fractal itself had an Art Deco feel, and so I based the theme around that. The text colors compliment those in the fractal, but are still reletively ordered with a soft green and deep blue-violet on one side and a cheery yellow and muted magenta on the other. The primary fonts are Trebuchet MS and Bood Antiqua, though there are some minor bits that are in Courier New.

I made the tables 80% opacity so as to accomodate show-casing of the background while not taking away from the text and user pics displayed in the profile. As the primary background color is black, I colored the tables black and made the text white.

Text links are grey and highlight white when moused over, and image links are standard and highlight with color-inversion when moused over. The mouse cursor itself is "Precision" and becomes "Move" when it is resting on a link.

Color Nova
Category: Colourful | Added: 2nd January 2009
This is a minimalistic profile featuring a fractal background I made. The mouse cursor is a crosshair navigation with a move hover, and the opacity is set at 70% for ease of reading the profile information without losing any of the gorgeous background. The vaibrant colors of violet and teal are kept in check by black to keep the profile exciting and still keep it from burning out the viewers retnas. ~_^ The biggest selling point on this profile is that the background highlights the user's front photo, drawing the eye's attention straight there upon loading the page.

The Night Before Christmas
Category: Artistic | Added: 25th December 2008
As the title would imply, this is a Christmas layout. It isn't peppered with gaudy reds and greens but instead sports a soft blue and white theme with snowy features, a nighttime sky, and a subtle, classy hint of Christmas.

The background was taken from and is not mine. I resized it to ideally fit a 1280x1024 screen. The opacity is set at 80% to make the profile text easy to read without taking too much away from the beautiful background.

Happy Holidays!

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Category: Artistic | Added: 19th March 2008
This layout is generated with the thought in mind of the impact of light on darkness. The background is yet another fractal. I've used some subdued red tones so that I can accent the predominance of black and white with a color that brings the feel of attitude and character while remaining tertiary by not taking complete control of center stage in the scheming. The result is what I feel is very sleek and classy, and it still caters to my more alternative tastes.

The tables are outset and set to 70% opacity so that the profile remains legible and still adequately showcases the background.

Category: Artistic | Added: 21st February 2008
I play World of Warcraft, and I love my Frost-spec'd Mage. The most basic Frost spell is Frostbolt. When I saw this background, it immediately reminded me of that spell. I love the colours in it. It is a fractal, as per my tastes, and I have themed the profile colouring around the background. The background has been sized 1680x1050 to fit any resolution. It is best viewed between 1152x864 and 1680x1050. The table backs have been set at 70% opacity due to the very bright, very white highlights in the background image.

Category: Artistic | Added: 2nd January 2008
This layout was designed for a friend who likes the fae.

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