Layouts - User: oXxXoJuztiNoXxXo

PA: Explicit Lyrix
Category: Music | Added: 20th November 2005
Awesome parental advisory layout!

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Xbox 360
Category: Computers/Technology | Added: 20th November 2005
Xbox 360 layout with logo as background! They all match!

Category: Film/Television | Added: 19th November 2005
omg its gir from invader zim!!

Girls Can Be PunK
Category: Music | Added: 19th November 2005
Pink and black with an awesome fender background with superchic[k] lyrix!

Big & Rich
Category: Music | Added: 14th November 2005
If you like B&R, here's the layout for you. Nice background!

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Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 14th November 2005
OmG Chanel (perfume brand) layout! It's freakin awesome! Black chanel logo in the background with white borders and text!

Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 30th October 2005
This profile features a dior background and colors to match it!!

Cali Beach
Category: Miscellaneous | Added: 30th October 2005
A hot profile featuring a beach background... makes me wanna tan!

Louis Vuitton
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 30th October 2005
Louis Vuitton: Fashion at its best! Features LV logo as background!

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InuYasha & Kagome
Category: Film/Television | Added: 30th October 2005
This is a beautiful Inuyasha & Kagome layout with them laying down in the background in the grass!

Billie Joe
Category: Music | Added: 28th October 2005
This profile features a red and black color scheme with a billie joe armstrong (lead singer of green day) background! It's awesome!

Warm Sunset
Category: Artistic | Added: 26th October 2005
A nice, warm-colored sunset beyond the dark trees. Very nice!

Christmas Angels
Category: Artistic | Added: 25th October 2005
This profile has a christmas theme to it, with a beautiful background of a silver christmas tree with angels all around it! It's so pretty!

Category: Artistic | Added: 24th October 2005
If fall is your favorite, or you just love the colors, this profile is for you! The background is beautiful, and this profile is too!

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