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Category: Overlay | Added: 1st September 2008
somthing i never finished if u wana change it up a bit go for it i say.

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Digital Camera
Category: Overlay | Added: 31st May 2007
Basically its a digital camera that ur pic is in and its the scroll box also its pretty plain but i think it looks cool enjoy :D i used to give out help but alota ppl have been asking me for help and i cant keep up with them sorry so if u need help then just try to figuer it out another day thx for liking my layout :D

Oriental Flower
Category: Overlay | Added: 27th January 2007
The profile was made by me :) accpet the color and text codes i think i got them from another profile on here it has chinese writing in the middle and some flowers on it... this was origianlly made for my friends bbut she said it wasnt for her so...w/e

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