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Leafy Winter
Category: Artistic | Added: 28th November 2007
I'm not a big Christmas person, BAH HUMBUG! So this layout with the blue leaves really appealed to me.

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Lightening Strikes!
Category: Artistic | Added: 1st November 2007
Made this up for my bday. Purple is my fav color so I just went with it!

Ghost in the trees
Category: Gothic | Added: 2nd October 2007
Made for Halloween.

Playboy Bunnies!!
Category: Sexy | Added: 2nd September 2007
Bunnies everywhere!! Lots of pinks to go with the black.

Purple Sun Burst
Category: Artistic | Added: 26th August 2007
Sun surrounded by different colored purples.

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Miss Boop
Category: Cartoons | Added: 2nd September 2007
Made for my best friend, Connie. She looooves Betty Boop. Tried my best to match up the colors & background.

Fire & Dragon
Category: Gothic | Added: 12th August 2007
Made this for my little bro. He likes dragons. He wanted something mideval.

Green Swirl
Category: Artistic | Added: 10th August 2007
This cool green swirl, cool tables. Going to make a contact table table to go with it. Wanted something with a "happy" feel.

Category: Artistic | Added: 19th July 2007
Found this background and liked it. I fooled around with the colors for awhile before I they looked good to me.

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Feburary's Profile
Category: Artistic | Added: 17th January 2007
I change my profile alot. This one celebrate's my bestfriend's birthday in Feburary.

Robert's Profile
Category: Music | Added: 1st January 2007
Made a profile for my boyfriend. Reminded us both of Tool.

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