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Heroes Mendez Paintings
Category: Film/Television | Added: 5th October 2008
Transparent tables legible text scroll 80% opacity... Pic if Isaac Mendez in left corner in his room full of paintings. E.N. Banner not included

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Heroes Comics (Red/Yellow)
Category: Movies/T.V. | Added: 30th August 2008
HEROES orange yellow red and black, comic book style 'heroes' background w/eclipse. Transparent tables. Codes toward end are Sylar at burnt toast diner tk coffee jpg as contact table, and primatech paper logo extended network banner.

Category: Colourful | Added: 25th September 2006
Popples popping with a rainbow of text color, transparent tables

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Dave Matthews
Category: Music | Added: 25th September 2006
Dave Matthews looks good in black and white. The text scrolls, it works. I don't use tables with opacity or whatnot cuz I like to see the picture w/out dark tables in the way.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Category: Film/Television | Added: 22nd September 2006
Girly Maggie Gyllenhaal page

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Arizona Sunset
Category: Artistic | Added: 21st September 2006
I took this with my cell phone. Hopefully I've made it so the colors aren't hard to read! Enjoy the scenery.

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