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Beauty Has Horns
Category: Dark/Evil | Added: 25th April 2008
Dark purple & blue with an awesome goat woman jpg

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Darkness In Glory
Category: Dark/Evil | Added: 9th October 2007
Darkness from legend in a shimmering red gif, black background, dark red & dark grey fonts, in cosmic sans @ 10px

Spying On The Universe
Category: Artistic | Added: 9th October 2007
beautifully done darn it

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The Major Ghost In The Shell
Category: Anime | Added: 7th September 2007
The Major wall paper w/ black background colour cosmic sans font @ 12px in bold matching the majors darkest hair colour hover colour bright green

Red Death
Category: Artistic | Added: 17th August 2006
A Picture of a red disentergrating skeleton with alien like text around the edges grey courier new font @ 12px hover @ 16px also in courier new its a great one!!

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