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Twilight -Basic
Category: Film/Television | Added: 18th January 2009
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Just a basic black layout. imput is red and white. Twilight logo in bottom left hand corner.

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Black Skull
Category: Dark/Evil | Added: 25th September 2007
bottom left corner is a black skull. white background, mainly red black and purple colors for the fonts which are geogia and TNR both vary between size 10 & 16. hover links purple. very plain yet oh so cool.

message me if your going to use.

Im Not Gay I Just Like Rainbow
Category: Colourful | Added: 9th September 2007
All fonts are either gorgia 10px or TNR 10 px.
Link size is 16px
rainbow background. white tables.
Colorful yet simple

Loving You Is Tough
Category: Colourful | Added: 8th September 2007
message me if your going to use

pink and black georgia size 10 fonts. Link font TNR size 16. very cute, very girly, yet also punky, image in bottom left corner of a jeff thomas painting.

Cute Little Puppy
Category: Animals | Added: 8th September 2007
Animated little puppy in bottom left hand corner, main font is Georgia with link fonts TNR.
Mainly Purple, Green & Blue.. Very Girly.
Message me if your going to use

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Category: Music | Added: 8th September 2007
Black background with a slipknot logo in the center of the page, all text is mainly blue and red, with some white.

message me if you are going to use this layout

Pink Tiger Lily Flower
Category: Colourful | Added: 2nd September 2007
Centered Image Of A Pink Tiger Lily, Light Pink Boxs With Italic Black Writting, 70% Opacity Tables.

so this is love 2
Category: Colourful | Added: 27th June 2007
**this layout has a white background insteead of a grey one....its also better looking...blues pinks and italic writting.. picture of a polaroid in bottom left corner

pink heart shaped diamond
Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 27th June 2007
lots of pinks, and purples inputted text is black. background picture of a heart shaped diamond. very girly profile. message me on myspace if you are going to use

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Razor Blade Girl
Category: Miscellaneous | Added: 20th July 2006
Black background with a picture of a girl with a razor blade in her hand purple and pink writting with some blues.

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