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Clean Layout Two-Point-Oh
Category: Overlay | Added: 9th June 2007
It's nice and clean and cute and i want to take it home and pet it and kiss it and make love to it oh god it's that good.
Basically, an uncluttered DIV layout, and based off of my other one. (only this one actually works.)
Oh, and Becky, if you happen to randomly stumble on this (again!), hi.

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Green Floated DIV layout.
Category: Overlay | Added: 10th June 2006
Simple, uncluttered, nice green CSS layout. Make sure to delete the ---snippets---.
The MP3 player doesn't come with this.
Feel free to do whatever you want to it. :P
Read the comments, copy/paste into notepad.
Tell me what you think.

This is actually really shitty css, and I apoligize to the CSS gods.

(I can't believe I have to say this, but)
Find the mp3 player yourself. (hint: use google)
No I don't want your password. I won't log into your account to fix your problems.

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