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red fun overlay
Creator: lovey_layouts | Added: 1st August 2007
basically this is a new overlay that has design and is easy to use. make sure to change the different things on it. :D

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Black & White Div Overlay
Creator: Ken Adams NSA | Added: 18th July 2007
Black and white variant of original picture in a div container that is reflected only through tables. Works best in Mozilla Firefox at a 1024x768 resolution.

Features Include:
- Twitter Box
- Comment Box
- Hidden Friends/Comments
- Unique look
- Scrollable About Me
- Drop-Down "Contact Box"
- Drop-Down Interests/Music/Movies/etc.

NOTES: Twitter Box will only fit appropriately if you have FIVE BLOG ENTRIES. Be sure to have your Twitter ID and Myspace FriendID ready when editting this for your own personal use. Feel free to distribute. Please try to use your own Black & White/Color images. I only have so much bandwidth. Thanks!

Questions? Comments?

Contact Me:

MSN Messenger -
E-mail -
Myspace URL -

Digital Camera
Creator: danielp131 | Added: 31st May 2007
Basically its a digital camera that ur pic is in and its the scroll box also its pretty plain but i think it looks cool enjoy :D i used to give out help but alota ppl have been asking me for help and i cant keep up with them sorry so if u need help then just try to figuer it out another day thx for liking my layout :D

Creator: mzaraseli | Added: 13th July 2007

put it on your myspace first so that you can see what it looks like with the text cuz for some reason this site isnt letting the text show up or any thing... if u have a ? message me and make sure that ur message settings are NOT private for it will not let me write you back...

Creator: SonicDesign | Added: 5th December 2005
You can use this code all you want, its my old one. Just use some html or whatever to put what you want in the box. Replace all the \"YOUR USER ID HERE\" with your user ID, and the \"YOUR NAME HERE\" with your name, taking out the quotation marks. Oh and make sure to empty out your profile beforehand, or it will show below the bottom of your page.

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Dirty Dancing
Creator: xchemical | Added: 4th July 2007
two polariods with pictures from dirty dancing 2 in them. Then a blue rose and a little vine. It only has two text boxes.

Image on layout made be ME
Images from and
If there is anything wrong with the code please tell me

Lantern & Flowers
Creator: Napzter | Added: 3rd July 2007
As you can see from the pictures, it contains a few different things from the orient. Ranging from the flowers, to the lantern, and lastly the calligraphy. It's set in grayscale to add to the whole aura of the layout.

Disturbed again
Creator: -hotshot- | Added: 25th June 2007
For the fans of the band Disturbed, my second layout. Hope you like it.

World Tigers
Creator: -hotshot- | Added: 24th June 2007
My first official myspace layout, tigers on the world. If you like tigers you'll like this layout.

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Audrey Hepburn
Creator: unqiueamour18 | Added: 18th June 2007
it is a layout of audrey hepburn with a collague of pictures behind it. VERY COOL and girly.
any audrey fan will love it.It is also overlay layout.
there are two sections. one paste in about me and the other who i like to meet.
any problems ADD ME

You could change the color and hight and width of the COMMENT BOX but CANNOT! take out this comment box and put your own, it will mess up the layout.

YOU have to do your own friends on a generator like this one

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