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Shoot Out Version 1
Creator: kises_of_broken | Added: 23rd January 2008
this is a new layout i had made known as
Shoot Out
because of the way the style is
so yeh
oh and BTW
when you look at the preview it shows all the extra stuff
but its not hiding it!
but check it to make sure
if so please message me telling so

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Creator: Michelle =] | Added: 19th January 2008
Please, not to be rude.

But if you've no knowledge of HTML, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS.

It's a true recipe for disaster if you do.
I just don't want you to get your profile all mucked up.

But if you really want it, message me and I'll see what I can do.


plain black/white box
Creator: stropesguy | Added: 10th January 2008
pretty plain looking layout
straight and to the point

all that would be needed is
finding the source of the
following contents:

pic/video links
message/comment/add/blog links
your friends links
music player

(Replace XXXXXXXXX with your Friend ID)

When The Snow is Falling
Creator: letsgetkinky1988 | Added: 18th December 2007
Winter christmas layout - "When the snow is falling there's only one place I want to be... in your arms"

AmLee Div Overlay
Creator: michaelball123 | Added: 11th December 2007
An understanding of CSS is needed to do this layout...If you have difficulties please feel free to e-mail me...The layout out is in 2 section...
The first bit of code is to go into your about me, the second into Who I want to meet..Please rmove all other codes from other section...Replace XXXXXX with your FREIND

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DIV Good Charlotte.
Creator: danabear1 | Added: 4th December 2007
4 boxed DIV layout with a Good Charlotte banner.
Please make sure you read the code before putting it into your profile. You have to put one section in your about me and one in your who i'd like to meet. The preview is going to look different then actual thing. All those things will be hidden and what not. It will look like the picture if you do it correctly.

Creator: michaelball123 | Added: 4th December 2007
AFI band div layout

Ayo Profile Technology
Creator: Graffikul | Added: 3rd November 2007
kinda like a CSI view of your information. idk.

Cpt. John Picard
Creator: myspacewiz | Added: 2nd November 2007

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Another Myspace Day
Creator: myspacewiz | Added: 2nd November 2007
Yeah man a Layout man a layout i wonder what it looks like eh?

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