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greenish bluish thingy's
Creator: blacksunlight333 | Added: 11th June 2006
the background is fabric rolls, but i just thought it looked cool. I tried to match the scrollbars with the background. contact buttons instead of table. Comment box. Comments hidden. Must add own links.

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Green Floated DIV layout.
Creator: bakagamer | Added: 10th June 2006
Simple, uncluttered, nice green CSS layout. Make sure to delete the ---snippets---.
The MP3 player doesn't come with this.
Feel free to do whatever you want to it. :P
Read the comments, copy/paste into notepad.
Tell me what you think.

This is actually really shitty css, and I apoligize to the CSS gods.

(I can't believe I have to say this, but)
Find the mp3 player yourself. (hint: use google)
No I don't want your password. I won't log into your account to fix your problems.

orange stars
Creator: natfish | Added: 9th June 2006

Random things together
Creator: loserfacetiffany | Added: 5th June 2006
its a DIV and odd I guess

abercrombie and fitch overlay
Creator: calisurfer | Added: 23rd May 2006
another overlay but instead of hollister it's abercrombie and fitch. stop by my myspace at if anything is wrong or you want a new personalized layout. thanks. and dont forget to replace the YOUR FRIEND ID HERE with your friend ID. Please note that my overlays DO NOT work in the preview

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Hollister overlay
Creator: calisurfer | Added: 21st May 2006
this is a simple hollister overlay. another addition is coming soon. I'm taking a break from making personalized OVERLAYS. regulars are still an option some of the time. go to my myspace<br />
go there and see if you like any of the regulars there. any and ALL overlays i make will be posted on mygen later. thnx---josh

Simple Blue and Gray overlay
Creator: calisurfer | Added: 14th May 2006
This is just a simple blue and gray overlay. This layout comes with a contact table, but be sure to put your friend ID in the areas that say YOUR ID HERE. Put the About me part in your ABOUT ME SECTION and the I'd like to meet in your I'D LIKE TO MEET SECTION. That's all, enjoy and if you want a personal themed layout contact me and ill see what i can do.

OMG Cute Skull Overlay!!
Creator: moolatte07 | Added: 9th May 2006
its a kickass overlay i made myself. it has a border & custom scroll bars :)

Creator: xbitterfashion | Added: 1st May 2006
This has a light look to it, and a few cute items to spice it up.

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black/white/teal overlay
Creator: stephen_gray28 | Added: 30th April 2006
This profile has a black background with white tables and teal text. When you use this profile, remember to get all links to you view friends, post comment, view comments, view blog, add, and message before you enter the codes. Also enter te code using safe mode.

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