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Creator: asdrymarie | Added: 26th December 2008
2008 Dicember Layout

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Rock On
Creator: RawkQueen | Added: 18th December 2008
Black Grey & Red. Emily Guitar backround w/emily rocks contact table.

Creator: ~*LilyBug*~ | Added: 26th November 2008
Background is a picture of twilight the book and you can see the apple if you add stuff to make your page longer. Use this layout if you like/love Twilight!!!
The text color is red.

Creator: ashley023Xx | Added: 24th November 2008

paint heart
Creator: xXBrainNinjaXx | Added: 13th March 2008
red heart

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Creator: xXBrainNinjaXx | Added: 22nd November 2008
<---just look at it

4th of July
Creator: collegechickbre | Added: 4th July 2008
One I made for 4th of July 2008!

hearts stripes and dots
Creator: lilababy11 | Added: 15th November 2008
green, pink, purple, and blue hearts, stripes, and dots.

Blue and Pink Cherry Blossom L
Creator: imomio | Added: 15th November 2008
Branch of cherry blossoms over a body of water.
Its tables are black and borders blue. The main font colour its a light pink. Tables are slightly transparent. The link colors are a dark red. and the curser is a crosshair. Please give me feedback on what you think of the layout.

Note: this layout can also be tiny. Use this code.

"<style>.contactTable {display:none;}
table table td img {display:none;}
table table table td img {display:inline;}
table td td {width:0px;}

table {width:450px;}
table table {width:auto;}
table table td {padding:3px;}
table table table td {padding:0px;}
table table table {width:220px !important; height:0px;}

td.text td a img {width:auto !important;}
table table table table table,
table table table table table td {
width:0px !important; padding:0px !important;}
td.text a img {width:100px !important;}
td.text td.text a img {width:35px !important;}
td td td div strong {width:170px !important; display:block;}

embed, object {display:block; width:220px; height:38px;}
.orangetext15, .blacktext10 {
display:block; width:110px; font-size:6pt !important;}
td.text td.text .orangetext15,
td.text td.text table table div {display:none;}</style>

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Simply put
Creator: Twisted0.0Mystery | Added: 24th June 2008
This is my favorite layout

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