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Creator: chanemza | Added: 11th November 2005
Angel Sanctuary "You Belong To Me"<br /><br />
<br /><br />
~ Preview makes the backgroud look too large, it will be fine once you've got it put up!<br /><br />
<br /><br />

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Tinkerbelle Pro
Creator: Bravurian17 | Added: 7th November 2005
Tinkpink w/ black background

Laguna Beach
Creator: lagunabeachfan | Added: 5th November 2005
Laguna Beach, season two cast!

Jessica Alba dark blue
Creator: mauiangel | Added: 3rd November 2005
Jessica Alba dark blue background, more for guys than girls i think, blue, white links, flipped profile, circle transparency filters for pictures linked, non linked pics are grayscale.

Jessica Alba with blonde hair
Creator: mauiangel | Added: 3rd November 2005
Jessica Alba blonde hair, white background, clear tables, pink, brown, white links, flipped profile. BREATHTAKING... for Girls...

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InuYasha & Kagome
Creator: oXxXoJuztiNoXxXo | Added: 30th October 2005
This is a beautiful Inuyasha & Kagome layout with them laying down in the background in the grass!

the little mermaid
Creator: trishz | Added: 27th October 2005
Colors are black, purple, blue, light blue, and yellow. In the center i has a circle picture of ariel and flounder waving. Also has a PINK FLOYD contact box! =D

Bam margera
Creator: naomz89penry87 | Added: 26th October 2005

Wolf's Rain Wolven Glare
Creator: Edward_Elric | Added: 11th October 2005
A profile dedicated to Wolf's Rain, the anime television show. The theme colors go from black to the darker greys. The background is a stripe of Kiba's eerie yellow-eyed glare looking like its sorta chizeled and/or scratched (if you've ever used Photoshop or some other image-editing program, it slightly has the emboss/engrave effect on it) I have many ideas/wallpapers for Wolf's Rain themes, I just don't have the patience to put them all up so if you want my to make you a custom one <a href="">add me</a> and ask me to make you a custom one. Those one you who like this one...Please enjoy! :D

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Fullmetal Alchemist Red/Black
Creator: Edward_Elric | Added: 7th October 2005
My ever popular red flamel profile!!!! (this is the logo on the back of Edward's red shirt, the tattoo of Izumi Curtis, and is on Alphonse's left shoulder. That is why it's popular. It is the shape of a snake wrapped around a cross with a crown and a angel wings.) this is the same layout for my FMA group. If you like Fullmetal please join!! Anyway, way off the subject. The color scheme is full red and black (the pictures are all grayscale except for when you hover then they invert to x-ray). Here again, if you like this but want something changed, like different colors or different alchemy symbols/logos in the background, please <a href=""><b>add me</b></a>, so I can make you one.

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