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Creator: Ediblemunkey05 | Added: 30th June 2007
Based on the movie. **contact table NOT included**

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Stephen Colbert-Trustigious
Creator: FinestKind | Added: 2nd December 2006
The background repeats, the tables are 90% transparent, and the font is white.

Waking Life
Creator: dirty_improv | Added: 27th October 2006
For the pensive...

The Godfather
Creator: shelbs989 | Added: 26th June 2007
Black and red theme, movie poster on left side. Enjoy!

Creator: mzaraseli | Added: 1st January 2007
Kirsten dunst and jay hernandez background pic

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Hermione Granger
Creator: watermelon_goddess | Added: 23rd June 2007
I love Harry Potter and of course I think Hermione is awesome. This comes complete with Contact Table and Extended Network Banner as well as a hidden friends list

Goth Harry Potter
Creator: Forbidden~Love | Added: 17th November 2006
Harry Potter pic photoshopped. I did not make this picture just worked on the layout

Starfox Arwing
Creator: Miles_Tails_Prower | Added: 22nd June 2007
This layout is of Fox McClouds Arwing

Chris Nunez
Creator: ErikaAliana | Added: 29th July 2006
picture of chris nunez from miami ink, as background, blue, black, gray

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Phantom of the opera
Creator: Midnatt | Added: 5th June 2007
It's a picture of the phantom and christine.

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