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little vintage
Creator: miina16 | Added: 5th June 2008
design vintage.

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Hello Kitty vintage looking
Creator: carayeah | Added: 21st May 2008
A vintage looking Hello Kitty picture
with a simple layout?

Striped Tights
Creator: heyred_07 | Added: 11th May 2008
Again, self explanatory

Neutral and Soothing
Creator: laurabixler | Added: 7th July 2007
Pinkish Brown - Neutral, soothing layout.

Love Yourself
Creator: heyred_07 | Added: 18th December 2007
White Background
Black Border
Single Image

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Creator: ocgangsterr | Added: 29th April 2008
A simple chanel layout.

Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 26th September 2007
yves saint laruent logo

Purple leopard
Creator: mauriella | Added: 14th April 2008
This layout consists of a purple leopard print with font colours in light grey, dark grey, and light purple. The table background is a little transparent but font is still readable. Perfect for those Leopard print fans.

Creator: Smashing_Porcelina | Added: 28th March 2008
a bit of experimentation with the name table... hope you like it and send me a message if it has any kinks.

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Halo Wars Layout
Creator: Darkskies | Added: 17th April 2008
Halo Wars Layout with Contact Table & Network Banner. To Make a Request, Comment or to Report a problem, with a layout Please Contact: Me at I can not take any requests or reply back to any messages or comments on this site.

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