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resident evil 0
Creator: mousleyj | Added: 6th August 2007
resident evil zero

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Old Skool Pwnd
Creator: iAmYourSquishy | Added: 20th July 2007
Classic Nintendo background with simplistic text.

Crackdown Layout
Creator: chinnygan | Added: 18th July 2007
Crackdown for Xbox 360. background from If You Want to change the cotact table, I put the code three lines below the actual page code. Hope you like it!

Halo 2 Theme
Creator: Duffmaster Fresh | Added: 13th July 2007
I put together the background a while ago for fun, and now decided it would make a nice myspace theme. The picture was only slightly changed from the original I found online somewhere. Cortana is bottom left, and MasterChief with a rocket launcher is on the bottom right. The tables are transparent and the overall color is some form of mustard yellow or olive green. There is a contact table and Extended Network Banner. I photoshoped all of it myself. Lets see how it goes.
If you have anything to say about this layout you can message me at

Majoras Mask
Creator: THeDarkestCrystal | Added: 16th July 2007
Marjora from zelda...done in shades of green.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Creator: tomacutter | Added: 27th June 2007
This is a Myspace CSS Layout done for the new game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Creator: destroyer195 | Added: 24th June 2007
A cool profile i created from the trailer release of Halo 3, the backround shows masterchief awaikening on a battlefield looking at his MA5K assault rifle.

email me if you like it or use it thanks

Bible fioght
Creator: Space mandito | Added: 17th June 2007
layout for bible fight

Creator: zychojoe | Added: 16th June 2007
Sub-Zero From MK

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Creator: zychojoe | Added: 16th June 2007
Scorpion From MK

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