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Silent Hill
Creator: Semishadow | Added: 30th May 2006
A MySpace layout based on the hit video game series, Silent Hill (now also a major motion picture). The layout uses three primary colors: Black (#000000), White (#FFFFFF), and a Light-Brown Color (#886622). I worked hard on this layout; If you use it, I would really appreciate it if you sent me a message telling me so. Thanks.

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Creator: Xzyon | Added: 30th May 2006
well i took dis background pick frm some one i dont remember who so srry. pinkish greenish color got any questions my aim is Sick B3ast my myspace name is Anthony¬ô

kingdom hearts 2 master form
Creator: El Swisso | Added: 24th May 2006
kingdom hearts 2 layout master form
the yellow form

Winamp Visual
Creator: Little Emo Boy | Added: 16th May 2006
I got off Winamp

THINK DIfferent
Creator: archer430 | Added: 14th May 2006
Just an Apple background

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Linux Maxxed OUT!
Creator: brassman8803 | Added: 8th May 2006
Linux filled and throttled...

Creator: christian25555 | Added: 6th May 2006
Sora in his new Kingdom hearts 2 outfit (black)

Sora Taking A Break
Creator: christian25555 | Added: 5th May 2006
Sora Resting On A Rock. From Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 2
Creator: christian25555 | Added: 2nd May 2006
Just Kingdom Hearts 2 (RED)

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Creator: archer430 | Added: 27th April 2006
Basicly it is the apple symbol inside of the James Bond gun barrel with blood coming down it. It also has a Apple Canada Contact Table.

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