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mushroom heaven
Creator: kkaylaa | Added: 16th August 2007
crazy colors and MUSHROOMS!!!!

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Creator: jrn822 | Added: 13th June 2007
Blue snow

Pastail Hearts
Creator: rc_cheergirl | Added: 30th November 2007
light colored hearts

Creator: rc_cheergirl | Added: 2nd August 2007
Bright and blinky

skull hearts
Creator: rc_cheergirl | Added: 3rd February 2008
skulls and hearts, pink and green

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Circled Hearts
Creator: ~*G@B$*~ | Added: 21st October 2008
green blue and pink hearts inside circles.

Creator: ~*G@B$*~ | Added: 21st October 2008
pink, purple and black stripes.

Pink Stars
Creator: hot tramp | Added: 20th October 2008
Pink Stars

Like A Heart needs a Beat
Creator: xoxosodisconnected | Added: 19th September 2008
I need you like I heart needs a beat. <3

A bunch of random HTML kind of thrown together, Bolding words makes them come out big and pink, underlining them makes them come out big and Black. The main font I is Arial Bold. Tables are white with black border and black writing. Happy Layouting!!! xoxox, Jae Dee

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colorful love
Creator: AAlyssa | Added: 25th August 2008
rainbow splattered with emo love pic. font is purple

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