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Purple & White Stripes
Creator: breonnah_09 | Added: 24th July 2009
This layout was designed by me using the codes on this site. The music player is hidden, it doesn't show the contact box, details and etc. Just remember, you can change the color codes. Be sure to Replace the XXXXXXX with your profile code number, or it won't show your profile views. Do what you want with the layout if you want. It looks better than the example.

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Creator: jonimarierogers | Added: 13th June 2009

Creator: NinaLynn88 | Added: 31st May 2009
Cute and colorful.

Colorful Rays
Creator: MommyBeckers | Added: 22nd May 2009
what it is!

gray plaid
Creator: missmeyet | Added: 6th April 2009
gray plaid with purple, black, and white, simple

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Green Plaid
Creator: missmeyet | Added: 6th April 2009
green plaid with white and black

Green Leopard
Creator: missmeyet | Added: 6th April 2009
green leopard print background, simple with black, gray, and white accents

Nova Color
Creator: Chozsay | Added: 22nd March 2009
It's a colorful design, with the same idea in font. I keept it simple, but nice. [=

Creator: lilababy11 | Added: 1st March 2009
brown and blue plaid background.

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blue hawaiian flowers
Creator: lilababy11 | Added: 10th December 2008
Blue background with white flowers along side

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