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Dale Earnhardt
Creator: silvernunkey | Added: 1st March 2006
A great profile if you want a Dale Earnhardt profile layout.

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Harley- Yellow
Creator: spazzy_elf07 | Added: 15th February 2006
Background white, with yellow motorcycle. Text, black. Links, yellow or red; on hover, black. Table border, 1px, black. Linked pictures, normal; on hover, normal.

Please let me know what you think.

Lotus Elise
Creator: BabyGrl2163 | Added: 26th January 2006
Light Metalic Blue Lotus Elise! what else can you ask for...its hot! haha

Pretty Dragon Fly
Creator: liquid_dark | Added: 26th January 2006
Its pink/purley/black/maroon. Lots of colors. Dragonfly in background...custom contact table. Let me know what you think
YIM-- canuckwannabe86


The Quad Disaster
Creator: Garvonis | Added: 25th January 2006
For those who like the big boy toys; quads.

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Saleen S7
Creator: BabyGrl2163 | Added: 21st January 2006
its the hottest car ever! i mean seriously....come on

Orange Supra
Creator: seniorstroke0009 | Added: 11th January 2006
Orange Toyota Supra.
Black boxes and the Scrol bar is aight.

Cadillac Cien
Creator: justbeeyourself7 | Added: 7th January 2006
This awesome car is beautiful and cool! Good for a person who likes cars and has style! Also, there isn't a SINGLE Cadillac on this page!

Creator: torim | Added: 2nd January 2006
lots of zuks

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Creator: SonicDesign | Added: 26th December 2005
just plain simple

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