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skyline BLUE
Creator: crywolf_310 | Added: 30th April 2006
blue skyline, matching profile colors

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general lee
Creator: homecat | Added: 18th April 2006
car general lee<br />
dukes of hazzard

STI Shinin' Gold
Creator: crywolf_310 | Added: 14th April 2006
blue WRX STI. sweeeeet color combo

Creator: crywolf_310 | Added: 13th April 2006
nice shot of a red hatchback civic. red and black all over with a touch of white.

Perfect B&W Civic Mix
Creator: crywolf_310 | Added: 13th April 2006
white civic sunrise/sunset. black & white profile. no need for much color =P

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Blue About Civics
Creator: crywolf_310 | Added: 13th April 2006
black, blue, white colors. blue civic background. white & blue font.

Dale Jr
Creator: Deedee102901 | Added: 8th April 2006
Simple Dale Earnhardt Jr. Page on black BG, w/ white main text, and transparent tables w/ red borders. Includes custom comment box, and banner. If you use this, I would appreciate some feedback as this is my 1st layout.<br />
<br /> you can also view more layouts here.

sexy rims
Creator: bigdog9200 | Added: 31st March 2006
fine ass female sit on rims that do her just nice. with a table that still lets u c the wondrful backround lol

pimp bus
Creator: bigdog9200 | Added: 21st March 2006
this is the profile that was made 4 all those gansta skool kids. has a pic of the gangsta bus in the center wit red white and orange text. the table r yellow and slightly transparent enjoy

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Creator: spamman0522 | Added: 7th March 2006
this is my fav. car company PORSCHE

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