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Creator: SaraWynter | Added: 18th November 2007
An Halloween themed layout with cats, bats, spiders, etc. Orange and black color theme.

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Hate & Fear
Creator: NightHunterWerewolfDL | Added: 13th June 2007
Guns, a bunch of them. Mostly Red & Black. Oh and it comes witha contact table (Supp.) Kinda' cook. Not much else to say. Good for those GTF away from me type of days.

Pryro Goth Girl
Creator: kp3411 | Added: 14th November 2007
Pryro Goth Girl

Pretend To Hug You
Creator: BlindedByTheSun | Added: 11th November 2007
Black background with a picture saying "i'll just pretend to hug you until you get here"
tables are dark pink and words are black and very light pink, almost white.

Hold my hand.
Creator: unrequited.lover.13 | Added: 22nd October 2007
A pair of purple hands clasping w/ butterflies around them.

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Ghost in the trees
Creator: FOOFUR82 | Added: 2nd October 2007
Made for Halloween.

Pink And Black Stars
Creator: help2hope | Added: 31st October 2007
It Has Pink Black and White Stars as Background with a black table background and pink writing

Vampire in a Graveyard
Creator: Lheage | Added: 15th October 2007
Blues, purples, and red colors with a picture of a vampire in a graveyard.

Simple Static
Creator: THeDarkestCrystal | Added: 9th October 2007
Just a simple static layout.

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Bulemic and Stuff...
Creator: melanielizabeth | Added: 7th October 2007
It's the first layout I've made. It's really simple, but I hope you like it. She's bluemic, but it says "Last Vampire" in the bottom left corner. I made the Contact table. The pictures have fancy things, too.

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