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Black laces
Creator: ms_francine | Added: 4th March 2008
piercings and black laces

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Black Roses
Creator: allykway | Added: 17th February 2008
It is what it says it is. simple, black roses in the lower left corner. contact table included. txt is white and red. no my gen link in the corner

Creator: Realm Of Delusions | Added: 17th February 2008
From The Sandman

-I added a border to the bacground picture and assembled together the rest of the images from Photobucket, all of the text, links etc. were made by me on the Mygen profile maker

Msg me for further details

Creator: Realm Of Delusions | Added: 30th May 2007
Morpheous (?) A.K.A Dream of Neil Gaiman's The SandMan

-I made the background animation, added a caption to the navabar and seembled together the rest

Msg me for any further details

Purple All Hallow's
Creator: Realm Of Delusions | Added: 17th February 2008
Purple Halloweenish-gothic layout :D

The link effects and tables were done by someone from Skem9 I added the background, nava bar and made the contact table

Msg me for any further details

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Purple Skulls
Creator: blu89 | Added: 13th February 2008
Black and Purple layout.. looks kind of glittery.

Black rose
Creator: Jaderze | Added: 2nd February 2008
black with white text and a black rose very simple but still good

Sad Grave
Creator: momsageek | Added: 19th December 2007
Precolumbian grave site excavation as background.

Punk Love 101
Creator: Darth Stupidus | Added: 10th January 2008
Two hearts, two minds...eternally adrift in a sea of conflict and destruction.

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Skull & Crossbones
Creator: myspace_reavur | Added: 7th January 2008
basic skullzs white and black red letters

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