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Gothic Tatoo.
Creator: Deaths_Roses | Added: 1st July 2007
It's a large photo of a gothic Tatoo. The text is clear white, and the headings, Aka; Who I'd Like To Meet, General, etc etc, are all striked.

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blue emo gothic
Creator: *kali*nocoke123123 | Added: 30th June 2007
blue emo gothic

Pretty with Lace
Creator: amourcorrompu | Added: 28th June 2007
A grey and black lace, seamless background, fairly simple with white Times New Roman text. The Contact table is black with a little bit of a lace trim on 2 edges.

Goth Chick Collage
Creator: JennE | Added: 27th June 2007
*NEW* Made on 06-27-2007. I am not in the least bit goth, but I think goth chicks are HOTT so here is a collage layout I made dedicated to those goth hotties. Arial font (sizes vary but I mainly stick to 12pt). X-Ray filter for linked images. Cursor brought to you by Contact table brought to you by MyGen.Uk. Hope you enjoy :)

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
Creator: dirty_improv | Added: 26th June 2007
An ode to the campiness that is Charles Busch.

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Quote icons
Creator: Forbidden~Love | Added: 10th November 2006
Sad quotes on many icons. It took me forever to make this so I hope you enjoy it!!

Creator: detrix13 | Added: 22nd June 2007
its apic of two skulls...and some words that kills in strict confindence

Gothic something
Creator: ChapMichelle | Added: 17th June 2007
Well, there's a fairy gothic elf girl with blood splatterd over... and err... my first layout so shut up.

Marionette Dance
Creator: Angellic Darkness | Added: 19th June 2007
This is a redo of a layout I found on here called "Dance of death" in the Evil/Dark section. I loved it but had to tweak it to my specs. I do hope the original creator enjoys the revamp.

Also, I believe that this is more of a Gothic layout more then a dark/evil one. Therefore, the different category.

Revamped Items: All font is Ariel, colors are more attuned to the background. The contact table removed. Picture is centered within the background.

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Creator: mars_2001_2006 | Added: 6th June 2007

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