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Creator: dbssanity | Added: 7th June 2009
Something dark inside.

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dark side of my mind
Creator: mysticalfla1 | Added: 3rd June 2009

Creator: dbssanity | Added: 15th February 2009
depiction of evil

Black and White
Creator: cherishjessi | Added: 10th February 2009
all black with white text, same with contact box supposed to be grayscale, we'll see it if works.

Creator: ~*G@B$*~ | Added: 18th October 2008
dark background with the face of an angel, a church and some eerie tree branches. gray hues over the black.

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Creator: demon99 | Added: 3rd December 2008

Polka Dots
Creator: ~*G@B$*~ | Added: 21st October 2008
black background with white polka dots.

Smokey Hearts (?)
Creator: ~*G@B$*~ | Added: 18th October 2008
simple black background picture with a form of smoky outlines that blend into hearts. warm pink, purple, green hues.

light and dark
Creator: allykway | Added: 1st October 2008
Dark versus Light in a delightful blend. Red and Black Text.

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If I Cant Have You...
Creator: crimsonsorrow | Added: 24th September 2008
The crazy idea about love where you fall in love with someone so deep-that you would do anything to keep them from leaving...anything...

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<div style="height:600px;width:400px;overflow:auto"> <table><tr><td><table><tr><td>

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