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It's alright to go
Creator: chasingclouds | Added: 11th June 2007
birds, tree, matching background, in scroll. enjoy! :)

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Creator: laurlaur12 | Added: 6th June 2007

Creator: ObviousCalamity | Added: 30th May 2007
-black dragonfly on purple background
-floating flashing dragonfly image
-purple animated dragonfly cursor
-purple glitter welcome banner
-B&w mouseover
-comic sans ms font

dark wolf
Creator: ObviousCalamity | Added: 27th May 2007
purple font. doubled borders. B&w mouseover images.

Linux Monkey :)
Creator: |boy| | Added: 17th May 2007
I searched google for the linux monkey, and found it :D

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Siberian Blue Eye
Creator: milesamanda3 | Added: 13th May 2007
This layout was made for my dog's page. Its a single blue eye of a Siberian Husky. The background is black, there are borders around the tables and the pics are circle transparent.

Blue Dolphins
Creator: fallenheart | Added: 8th May 2007
A dolphin layout filled with blues, bubbles, and swirls! The extended image is two dolphins with a quote outlining a heart. <3

Wolf Spirit
Creator: devillenblair | Added: 23rd April 2007
A howling wolf and a ghostly looking woman. Gray text and other awesome graphics.

More Frogs for Amanda
Creator: neva13nne | Added: 22nd April 2007
my friend Amanda has a thing for frogs....

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Frog for Amanda
Creator: neva13nne | Added: 19th April 2007
frog... green text... simple

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