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Juushiro Ukitake
Creator: piccolokakashi007 | Added: 24th March 2008
a bg of Ukitake, one of my fav Gotei 13 Court Guard captains.

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Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 3rd July 2007
cloud and reno

Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 16th August 2007
Final Fantasy VIII: Squall's lionheart

Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 3rd October 2007
temari...i think i rock it better larry

Negative lion
Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 4th March 2008
cute chibi lion with rawr sign

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L(death note)
Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 30th January 2008
L from death note in a chair crowned with a rabbit and also a apple in his left hand.

Creator: rubedo98 | Added: 15th August 2007
megatokyo chikmunk

My heart stops everytime
Creator: unrequited.lover.13 | Added: 24th June 2007
A couple kissing in the snow w/ a banner that says "My heart stops everytime."

Midnight Romance
Creator: unrequited.lover.13 | Added: 2nd July 2007
An anime couple kissing in the moonlight.

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Kurama- Fanart profile <3
Creator: Eylicaino | Added: 20th April 2008
I wanted to make my own Kurama profile. Found this fanart on google. It was a part of someone's fanfiction. Credit to the pic goes to the owner and artist.

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