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Creator: taylorthesailor | Added: 19th December 2007
A tweaked layout with some clouds
sexy woo..

I actually do not own a myspace atm, sad I know...
But please message me I like to know if I am appreciated! text is not edited I like to let you do that.
if you dunno how go use the profile editor

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Christmas. :]
Creator: chelseii. | Added: 19th December 2007
Merry Christmas everyone! :]<3
Well, this one's Christmassy, duh. Ornaments in the background, red&green colors, Tahoma font, Verdana links, and Times New Roman name & extended network.
Basically everything hidden, haha.


Pink Jewel Cupcake Default
Creator: pinkdelightlayouts | Added: 17th December 2007
Default with icon background image of pink jeweled cupcakes.

Hearts can be grayy.<3
Creator: chelseii. | Added: 14th December 2007
This is a good layout for personal music profiles.
It hides almost everything, and it's pretty simple!
Gray book-heart-shadow-dealy thing tiled background.
I likes it. :]

I Love You.
Creator: chelseii. | Added: 10th December 2007
Hey, technically it's a tweaked default.
Background says "ily." tiled.

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Dressed In Decay.
Creator: chelseii. | Added: 10th December 2007
Skeleton background. Tahoma font, Arial links. Blogs hidden, details hidden. About Me & Who I'd Like To Meet text hidden.

To Bridge Our Division.
Creator: chelseii. | Added: 9th December 2007
Book/Heart/Shadow thingy background, Arial font, Tahoma link font, dark red and red link colours.

"You know me. You know me all too well. My only desire - To bridge our division."
- "The End Of Heartache," Killswitch Engage.

crazy monkey
Creator: geejaytee | Added: 5th December 2007

Punky Music
Creator: jacosaurus | Added: 3rd December 2007
Black and Pink music theme.
This is a tweaked default layout.

if you have any questions or if you plan on using this layout message me

I just like to know my work is appreciated.

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Christmas #1.
Creator: ari_is_cooler_than_you | Added: 29th November 2007
Default with Christmas bg.
Most things hidden.

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