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Creator: joshneedy22 | Added: 23rd February 2008
Black. Black backround.

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Black and White 1
Creator: joshneedy22 | Added: 16th February 2008
this is a default thats black and white

black default
Creator: geejaytee | Added: 23rd February 2008
put this code in your who i'd like to meet otherwise it wont work
this code will hide friends,comments,contact box.latest blog entry,extended network.details and schools.Ignore the preview

Creator: mirandarocho | Added: 24th July 2007
Just a really happy, cute layout with a sunflower.

City Default
Creator: SetTheStyle09 | Added: 15th January 2008
Busy Street in Background

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Tweaked with City
Creator: SetTheStyle09 | Added: 13th July 2007
Tweaked default with city in extended network
no contact table

Creator: Lynune13 | Added: 6th January 2008
Specified for Major Elric

Default tweaked, most hidden.
Creator: MyNameIsShannen | Added: 2nd January 2008
A variation on my pink and black layout.
Most things hidden with arial narrow as the primary font.
Name text in pink.

Pink And Black :]
Creator: MyNameIsShannen | Added: 2nd January 2008
This is a really cute pink and black layout, font arial and most things hidden.
The name text is in impact and flashes.
Hope you like this for my first layout!

Questions or anything?


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unicorns (:
Creator: thnks fr th vnm. | Added: 22nd December 2007
blog, url box, friends, comments, extended network banner, navigation bar, blurb headings, contact table and bottom link hidden.

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