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Blue Snowflake
Creator: amyheartsvic | Added: 3rd December 2005
just a simple design. white, with blue dotted table borders, blue text. glitter snowflake provided by but saved to my computer.

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checkered flag
Creator: superjew77 | Added: 2nd December 2005
black and white checkered background with red font in comic sans font.

Cut Along the Dotted Line
Creator: GlamBarbie | Added: 29th November 2005
C.U.T my heart</3

tomb room
Creator: hmeadors | Added: 26th November 2005
just your average black profile with a corridor entrance, a little gothic.

simple purple.
Creator: lyzz | Added: 24th November 2005
who's got the hots for purple, here's one for you. teehee

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Simple/Chirstmas Colors
Creator: xBoris | Added: 23rd November 2005
Simple profile for the holidays. Simple christmas colors.

Simply Slate Blue/White Tables
Creator: xBoris | Added: 22nd November 2005
Simple slate blue background with white tables with black 2px borders. Text isnt big either. Just plain and simple

plain. just look.
Creator: comptonass_ren | Added: 21st November 2005
its lighter reds and burgundies. it's cute if you like a traditional myspace. enjoy. change whatever you want. if you use it please let me know.

Pretty Blue.
Creator: kzt ze blonde | Added: 20th November 2005
Light blue background.

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Simple Green
Creator: kzt ze blonde | Added: 19th November 2005
Simple green background.

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