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vintage layout
Creator: JimmyxSuicide | Added: 30th December 2007
a new vintage layout
and also add me on myspace if u use this layout

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Love Me
Creator: beloved_loser | Added: 29th December 2007
Won't you please love me? Custom network banner and contact table included. Message me with any questions/comments/concerns.

black pine
Creator: verytres | Added: 29th November 2007
Pine tree inspired-dark, mellow, plain

skaters zone
Creator: fatinadiah | Added: 11th December 2007
black background

Creator: xxvamp_faeriexx | Added: 5th December 2007
Plain white, with centered gray letters, double margin.

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Creator: jacosaurus | Added: 11th September 2007
plain and simple

very simple with no contact table.

if you have any questions or if you plan on using this layout message me

I just like to know my work is appreciated.

simple grey
Creator: thnks fr th vnm. | Added: 28th November 2007
grey background, white boxes, black text.

Red and black plain
Creator: punkrockheadphones | Added: 16th November 2007
black background,red outlines,white body text

billy bong thorton
Creator: itsthatgingerbitch | Added: 24th November 2007
just toke

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Blue Rose
Creator: 808wanda | Added: 20th October 2007
Beautiful blue rose on black

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