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Starz of Blue Skies
Creator: mattandrainey | Added: 27th January 2008 back ground...white stars

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Creator: Smashing_Porcelina | Added: 24th January 2008

best friends
Creator: lucyflips87 | Added: 24th January 2008
center pic.
black, grey, and white text
no tables

Happy being blue
Creator: lucyflips87 | Added: 31st May 2007
a tealish blue with hot pink and white text...scrollbar. Go nuts!!!

Plain Jane
Creator: Smashing_Porcelina | Added: 1st January 2008
a very simple, yellow layout with subtle background graphics. it also has a code to re-size the comments to max of 450px so that the layout won't be distorted by oversized comment graphics.
CONTACT TABLE is originally made by TRACYFAIRY (you can find the original in the Contact Table section under Vintage), but i had to photoshop it in order to fit my layout dimensions.

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Creator: SetTheStyle09 | Added: 27th January 2007
Just a plain white profile. Very CLEAN<3
Contact table hidden!!
Take out VERY last section of HTML to see it!

Plain, Black and White
Creator: SetTheStyle09 | Added: 20th June 2007
Just black and white, colors can be changed of course though. If need to change colors but dont know where to find it in the code, message me at
custom contact table innnnnnnn profile code

white & pink
Creator: SetTheStyle09 | Added: 10th November 2007

The Candles
Creator: Darth Diablo | Added: 7th January 2008
Well this is a plain and simple layout. It has a repeated candles image for a background that's in black and white. All images are in grayscale as well as the images used as links. The font style is Verdana and the color is white for all the text (link hovers are black). Oh yeah, and it has a pointer for a cursor and a double lined border. ^_^

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Blue and Brown
Creator: tshilton | Added: 7th January 2008
brown and blue

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