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super simple stereo rabbit
Creator: dhiyafaris | Added: 7th August 2008

pls change XXXXXXX to your FriendID

by dhiyafaris.

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Purple Black nd Red
Creator: davolos20 | Added: 21st July 2008
My favorite colors!

Creator: javisonic | Added: 12th July 2007

Into the blue
Creator: iminflyte213 | Added: 25th February 2008
Simple blue background with a ligth magenta offset. Profile song is Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way...what I wanted this layout to emmulate.

Simple Love
Creator: iminflyte213 | Added: 7th February 2008
Grey tones and maroon highlights. A Love and heart background are the only theme.

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Plain 2
Creator: bubbie209 | Added: 4th May 2008
White tables, black borders on a periwinkle background. Top friends are squished together.

Creator: bubbie209 | Added: 2nd May 2008
Plain, but cute.

Creator: seh87 | Added: 10th April 2008
3 apples sit in the bottom left corner
color scheme: red, green, brown
white background

Fleur de Lis
Creator: klawvb17 | Added: 6th March 2008
Fleur de lis background with black and dark red font

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Grey To The Black
Creator: whatever305 | Added: 12th February 2008
A mix of black and Grey Strips.Pretty Creative

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