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Creator: TheCrowChick | Added: 16th September 2008

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sea blue love
Creator: AAlyssa | Added: 13th September 2008
a colorful background with same font

bubbly love
Creator: AAlyssa | Added: 10th June 2008
animated bubble heart background, pink transparent tables.

Jack & Sally
Creator: GleNdA_jorDisoN | Added: 29th September 2007
simply meant to be

beauty of natures power
Creator: xfloydsterx | Added: 28th August 2008
a giant tornado with an upside down twist on your layout!!!

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GUD Magazine (Issue 3 design)
Creator: kaolin | Added: 25th August 2008
Rough paper texture lets GUD Magazine (and you) have an easy-on the eyes yet visceral MySpace experience. Browns with blue highlights.

See and/or

Too Modern To Be True
Creator: KarliRae | Added: 24th August 2008
Fairly simplistic: Black swirly background, blue table with white borders and a contact table from MyGen itself.

Creator: KarliRae | Added: 30th July 2008
Very pretty real-life image of outer space from the hubble telescope image gallery with white table borders - MyGen contact table included.

Girl with Balloons
Creator: wee_pigeon_pie | Added: 23rd August 2008
Black and white photo of girl walking with coloured balloons. Profile colours to match the colour of the balloons.

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Creator: Tipahboy Hitz.Tv | Added: 18th August 2008
taekwondo 2008 beijing olympics.
for TKD members ..

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