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fudge pop
Creator: CRAZOR1s | Added: 18th March 2009

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Ashes To X-Rays
Creator: lady_alk | Added: 15th March 2009
A black and white image of a hibiscus (not sure if it is, in fact a hibiscus, but looks close enough). The image itself is done with an x-ray style. The script is in varied shades of pinks and purples. Layout is stationary.

I admit the screen shot isn't great, but it does look pretty nice.

Love is
Creator: kbmaddox | Added: 26th June 2008
Very simple. Background is sticky notes that describe what love is. tables are purple. Didn't mess with the text.

Cherry Blossom
Creator: kimura_94 | Added: 7th March 2009
It's pretty and shiny
I made the background image using Photoshop cs4
and it's shiny
so yea...

black and blue and green massa
Creator: kimura_94 | Added: 28th September 2008
life of me

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Emo autumn
Creator: kimura_94 | Added: 25th October 2008
I thought about the colors of autumn when i made this
and how the crisp autumn air and the colors makes you want to cry because its so beautiful

Firey Eagle
Creator: Wicca Girl | Added: 2nd March 2009
Background of firey animated eagle, blue font, animated red fire background tables, very cool layout!

Red Rose
Creator: Wicca Girl | Added: 2nd March 2009
Has a red rose background with water movements, sparkling background tables and green font!
Very nice layout!

Creator: d_ouble_b | Added: 2nd February 2008
/shrug... St. Patrick's Day layout?

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Elephant Woman
Creator: mokeylover33 | Added: 21st February 2009
The backround has a picture of a woman with sunglasses and the table has some kind of art work on it.

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