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Creator: dbssanity | Category: Music | Added: 26th December 2008
The TVXQ Five

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Deco Flare
Creator: veritas681 | Category: Artistic | Added: 24th June 2009
The layout features a fractal I found on deviantART. The fractal itself had an Art Deco feel, and so I based the theme around that. The text colors compliment those in the fractal, but are still reletively ordered with a soft green and deep blue-violet on one side and a cheery yellow and muted magenta on the other. The primary fonts are Trebuchet MS and Bood Antiqua, though there are some minor bits that are in Courier New.

I made the tables 80% opacity so as to accomodate show-casing of the background while not taking away from the text and user pics displayed in the profile. As the primary background color is black, I colored the tables black and made the text white.

Text links are grey and highlight white when moused over, and image links are standard and highlight with color-inversion when moused over. The mouse cursor itself is "Precision" and becomes "Move" when it is resting on a link.

Yellow Giraffee
Creator: humpmonkies | Category: Sexy | Added: 24th June 2009
Yellow, Yellow Giraffee, Giraffee, Girly, Giraffee Lover

with no friend and comment views

Pink Zebra
Creator: humpmonkies | Category: Sexy | Added: 24th September 2008
Pink, Zebra, Pink Zebra, Girly

Purrfect Purrple
Creator: humpmonkies | Category: Designer/Stylish | Added: 26th May 2009
Purple, Flower, Girly stuff, icons, stipes, hearts, hate, love

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Purple Hearts
Creator: humpmonkies | Category: Plain/Solid Colour | Added: 19th June 2009
Purple, Hearts, Stripes, So Love, Purples Crazy,

dale sr
Creator: jonimarierogers | Category: Cars/Trucks | Added: 13th June 2009

Creator: jonimarierogers | Category: Colourful | Added: 13th June 2009

Girls Pink skulls
Creator: mstattitude | Category: Artistic | Added: 7th June 2009
Nice layout of skulls with pink flowers in the background..if you use mylayouts please let me no, it helps me no what you guys like so I can keep makin more...enjoy!!!

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dark side of my mind
Creator: mysticalfla1 | Category: Dark/Evil | Added: 3rd June 2009

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